Who can apply?

Eligible principal investigators should be faculty of the Joan C. Edwards School of Medicine at Marshall University and from any school/college within West Virginia University.

What is the amount of the awards?

The budget is limited to a maximum of $50,000 in total direct costs for each award.

When are the applications due?

Letters of Intent (LOI) are due by 5:00 p.m. EST October 16, 2015. The LOIs will be used to determine the type of reviewers needed as well as the number of reviewers needed for the evaluation of the full proposals received by the deadline. In addition, the LOIs will be used to provide feedback to all applicants preparing full proposals that can be used to further strengthen the full proposal application.

LOI applicants will receive an e-mail notification after the LOI has been reviewed as well as any additional feedback for the researchers will be provided at this time. Unsolicited full proposals (the researchers did not submit a LOI by the 10/16/2015 deadline) will not be reviewed nor considered for funding.

Full proposals must be submitted by the full application by 5:00 p.m. EST November 6, 2015.

Who will review the proposals?

There will be three reviewers per application, comprised of Marshall and WVU faculty. Final funding decisions will be at the discretion of the Working Group with approval of Dr. Shapiro and Dr. Marsh.

What is the period of performance for the awarded projects?

The maximum project period is twelve (12) months.

Can the awarded projects be renewed?

Projects may be renewed for an additional twelve (12) months of funding based upon the success of the initial WVU-MU collaborative project as well as availability of grant funds.

What is the IRB process for this program?

There is a reciprocal IRB agreement in place between Marshall University and West Virginia University. Co-PIs should follow their local IRB rules and regulations.

Who owns the intellectual property related to this project?

All existing intellectual property is required to be disclosed before project initiation. Existing intellectual property coming into projects will be “owned” by the investigator’s institution. IP generated during the course of a collaborative project will be apportioned based on the individual investigator’s contribution to that IP.

How do I find collaborator if I don’t already have one?

If you are looking for collaborators at Marshall University please contact either of the following individuals:

Gary Rankin, PhD

Joe Werthammer, MD

If you are looking for collaborators at West Virginia University, please contact either of the following individuals:

Jeff Coben, MD

Sally Hodder, MD