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History of Tungsten . International Tungsten Industry Association (ITIA)

Historical background to Tungsten and Wolfram discovery and uses through the ages. . as is the case for those elements with a lower atomic number, but originates . The name Wolfram is closely related to today's important tungsten mineral.

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Wolframite: The mineral wolframite information and pictures

However, it is universally recognized as a mineral series, with the minerals . Wolframite is named for its tungsten content, since wolfram means tungsten in.

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Wolframite Wikipedia

Wolframite, (Fe,Mn)WO4, is an iron manganese tungstate mineral that is the intermediate . the phenomenon literally being likened to a wolf eating a sheep. Wolfram is the basis for the chemical symbol W for tungsten as a chemical element.

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Wolframite: Wolframite mineral information and data. Mindat

Per Agricola, it is derived from "volf," "wolf," and "rahm," "ram," for "froth", "cream," "soot" (Latin = Lupi spuma), perhaps in allusion to an objectionable scum or.

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USGS Circular 930 O USGS Publications Warehouse

Earth science and mineral resource agencies from several countries started the . Selected geologic and location information from ISMI records for tungsten.

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